ACCI BEST Centre partners Charisma University to provide accessible post-graduate degrees

The Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), has announced a partnership with Charisma University to provide accessible postgraduate courses.

The courses are to be carried out through the Chamber’s training arm, the Business, Entrepreneurial Skills and Technology (BEST) Centre.
The courses come with tuition benefits and financing options to all members of the Chamber, families, friends and associates who are aspiring to acquire Masters or Doctoral degrees.
It is also to have bearing on High National Diploma (HND) conversion in Business, Psychology, Public Health, Law and Theology.
The University is BAC accredited, Turks and Caicos Islands Ministry of Education recognised with candidate accreditation as well as institutional members of American Council on Education.
According to the parties to the partnership,  enrollees which are expected to be students and professionals will be  offered an opportunity to shake their careers and futures.
The institution,, has the long goal of providing brilliant minds an education that is worth both their time and resources.
Charisma University says the courses will be conducted online and on-campus in a flexible manner based on demand, innovation and utilisation of sound education courses.