ACCI BEST Centre to Launch ICT Vocational Training (#BEST 1000)

Launch of the BEST Centre ICT Vocational Training (#BEST1000)

The 6-week ICT Vocational Training program hosted by the ACCI BEST Centre, from 3rd December 2018 – 5th February 2019.

This is a rare opportunity for trainee’s to acquire core technical skills that will improve employability and empower them to create wealth as a productive member of the Nigerian labour market.

Agenda for the flag off ACCI BEST/GIZ Vocational Training

1. Arrival & Registration – 8.00 am – 9:30am
2. Welcome Address by the Provost of BEST Centre – 9:30am – 9:35am
3. Opening Remarks by the President, ACCI – 9:35am – 9:45am​
4. Overview of the GIZ SKYE Program Vocational Training by a Representative of GIZ – 9.45am – 9.55am
5. Overview of the Training Schedule and Methods by Representative BEST and Training Partners – 9.55am – 10.10am
6. Vote of thanks by the Director BEST Centre – 10.10am – 10.15am
7. Photographs/Press – 10.15am – 10.30am
8. Departure of Guests– 10.35am
9. Commencement of Classes in BEST 1, 2, and ADR Centre