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In 2018, BEST1000 Program was launched to train 1000 young Nigerians in various vocations with in one year.

The BEST 1000 program adopted ICT vocational skills training initiative targeted at bridging critical skills gap by focusing on transportable and hands-on skill acquisition to equip Nigerian youths to create wealth by taking advantage of existing opportunities within their immediate environment.

In partnership with the Skills Development for Youth Employment (SKYE) project of the Deut- sche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusam- menarbeit (GIZ), the frst batch of the BEST1000 program trained 120 youths between the ages 18 to 30 in six ICT vocations;

  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphics Design and Printing
  • Photography
  • Web Development

The overall goal of the initiative is to improve the quality, enterprise readiness and market competitiveness of youths venturing into the labour market,with the following specifc objectives:

  • Promote Technical Adeptness
  • Enable Subject Matter Expertise
  • Cultivate Career Focus
  • Ensure Industry and Market Fit
  • Incubation & Acceleration Programme
  • Development Freelance Locator/Job Matching app