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BEST Talks


BEST Talk is a platform created for sharing of ideas and innovations in various felds of expertise. Te aim is to bring thought leaders and subject matter experts to the stage to share their ideas and for start-ups to pitch their entrepreneurial ideas. Attendees hear the talks live, while videos produced from the presentations are posted online. Te hope is that the ideas, perspectives and insights contained within these talks broaden and challenge the perspectives of the attendees/viewers. Tis may result in direct action to help a cause, a change in behavior, or a new way to consider problems that are afecting society; giving a new outlook or understanding.

Themes of some of the previous BEST Talks:

  • Harnessing Opportunities in Services Export
  • Enhancing Security and Justice delivery through forensics
  • Program Migration for Development "Value Adds by German Experts "
  • Importance of Alternative Dispute Resolution for Small and Medium Entreprises
  • Pitching and Converting Clients

Mentoring Session

The ACCI BEST Centre created a platform whereby innovators and young entrepreneurs with good business initiatives will be groomed to master their crafts in any field of their choice of knowledge and aspiration. The ACCI BEST centre is providing an enabling environment for ideas and knowledge development by building morals, polishing ideas and providing a platform for financial support. Our drive and passion is to support the great vision and showcase individuals with intellectual ideas that impact immensely on the enhancement of humanity and economy. This is a key component of the post training plan of our #BEST1000 program

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