Capacity Development

EU-GIZ strengthens ACCI BEST Centre’s institutional capacity through VET Toolbox workshop and training on Gender and Disability Inclusion.


The Vocational Education and Training (VET) Toolbox program is strengthening the capacity of ACCI BEST Centre as an institution to implement VET and labour market reforms that will enhance labour market relevance and employability for all.

The workshop held on Thursday 31st October 2019 featured presentations, focus group discussions and plenary sessions lead by Nagede Riche an international Disability and Diversity Consultant and Aisha Lawal a Gender Consultant.

The 3 days Training on Gender and Disability Inclusive technical and vocational education and training in Nigeria at ACCI BEST Centre started on Monday 4th -Wednesday 6th November 2019.

The objective of the training is to increase participants awareness and understanding of the needs and rights of women, girls and persons with disabilities attending TVET Training.

Following the capacity strengthening program in November 2019, ACCI BEST Centre has since being promoting gender and disability inclusion in workplaces and in the labor market. The Centre is also developing curriculum for training and capacity development for individuals, organisations and other institutions on gender and disability inclusion.

The VET Toolbox gender and disability consultant Nagede Riche also promised to always support the centre in developing capacities on gender and disability inclusiveness. 

In her words, she pointed out that her work at ACCI BEST Centre was one of her best project in 2019 and it was great working with the team.

“Yes, the support I gave to the BEST Centre was definitely one of my favorite assignment this year and I enjoyed working with your team very much. Pictures and links to the BEST Centre are both there for people who want to know more about the project”
Nadège Riche
VET Toolbox Consultant”. 



Below are some of the picture of the program



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