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Partnership Announcement - ACCI and Global Learning Exchange™

Hello! We write to announce our current partnership with Global Learning Exchange™ (GLX).

GLX is a brand of Sonic Foundry Inc. – a leading EdTech company headquartered in the United States of America. GLX provides highly motivated students and professionals with a flexible and cost-effective path to furthering their education and careers through access to quality online professional certificate courses and degree programs from US and UK institutions by successfully bridging the education gap through content aggregation from top quality universities and globally recognised professional institutions....

ACCI’s partnership with GLX is considered by industry experts to be a leading innovation in online education, owing to the locally established fully kitted modern study-hub infrastructure – within the ACCI BEST Centre, combined with in-person academic support activities and career development resources, to provide a unique educational journey for attaining life-changing opportunities. We believe that our alliance with GLX will present a shared common goal of empowering individuals and institutions with the skills needed to succeed in today's global economy. GLX world-class academic and professional programs, which cut across IT, business & management, engineering, finance, law, education, healthcare, etc., will meaningfully impact members of the Abuja academic and corporate community with the necessary tools required to thrive in today's competitive economy.

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Breaking Down Barriers to Education in Nigeria and Beyond

Global Learning Exchange™ offers a new, highly affordable path for Nigerian students and professionals to earn a college degree or advance their career with new skills certifications.

Global Learning Exchange™ gives learners the ability to choose from many high-quality on-line degree programs from US and UK institutions. Our local GLX Hubs provide local, in-person support that emphasizes engagement, professional development, and career planning. Each community offers a lifetime of learning, mentoring, and a network of coaches and advisors.

GLX Hub provide complementary access to academic support, networking resources, and career development opportunities. GLX HUB is A FLEXIBLE, AFFORDABLE WAY FOR STUDENTS IN NIGERIA TO UNLOCK THEIR POTENTIAL – WITHOUT LEAVING HOME.

FOR FURTHER EQUIRIES contact Ann via Email: ann.oyana@globallearningexchange.com(Phone: +2348023243412)