How to obtain Certificates for BEST Online Training and Webinars

Abuja Chamber of Commerce Industry (ACCI) BEST Centre’s appreciate’s the high level of participation in our series of biweekly  webinar and online Training. 
You can now request for certificates in any of the Webinars/Training you participated in.
The procedure for obtaining the certificate involves Login into our E-learning platform ( ACCI LEARN ) and completing some simple tasks to certify that you have acquired subject matter knowledge. 
Some of the previous webinars include; 
  • UNIDO HP LIFE Entrepreneurship Training Refresher Session
  • Leadership during Crisis
  • Know your Customer 
  •  Sustainable business: Stability in the new Norm post Covid-19
  • African and the 4th Industrial Revolution : The Future of Jobs
  • African Covid 19 and the 4th Industrial Revolution  
  • Effective Management Strategies for Business Success in Challenging Times.
  • Leading in Difficult Times   
  • Application of Basic Accounting for Effective Running of SMEs
  • Entrepreneurs Role in Nation Building
  • Panel Discussion Running an SME Successfully Way Forward
  • Finance Management for Small Businesses
  • Tourism a strategy for Economic Revival
  • Physical Sales to Social Commerce
  • Marketing Features vs Benefits
  • Key to Start Up success: The right Attitude 
  • Email Marketing for Small Business 
  • Business Unusual: How to keep your clients happier
Each certificate costs Two thousand naira only (#2000). 
You can also identify the courses you would like to receive the certificates so we can share the direct links to the courses with you. 
BEST Centre is an accredited training institution and certificates are endorsed by the board of the National Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (NACCIMA) Education Committee.
Obtaining the certificate would also give you the opportunity of becoming part of the fast-growing BEST Centre Alumni network, where you can network and gain access to information and opportunities and receive discounts on paid training.